Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Am I? A Pictorial

1. A married person. For eight years! How is that possible? I used to have trouble with monogamy for more than two weeks.
2. A mother of two. Both girls, ages 4 and 2. You can see my hair gets a little crazy when I'm taking care of them. And no, the one on the right is not bald. Her head just came out really, really small, and I didn't have room to draw hair on her. Poor bald thing.
3. A white woman. That means I get the benefit of white privilege, which I will definitely be posting about in the future. I have kind of an odd experience of it, because the last two places I lived (Hawaii and California), were majority-minority areas. That is, white people were the minority (the town I lived in in California was 95% Hispanic, and Hawaii is about 65% Japanese). However, despite not being the numerical majority, white people still enjoy white privilege there. I try to be aware of it and keep it in mind--especially now that I live in North Carolina, in the Deep South, where elderly black men call my 40-year-old husband "sir" and people put Confederate flag bumper stickers on their cars to show the world their "heritage."
4. A reader. (Yes, that's a book. Like you could do any better!) I read pretty much everything. In fact, I like reading so much, I went into publishing and made books for ten years! I was a copyeditor, proofreader, managing editor, pretty much everything. Mostly I worked in nonfiction--research, textbooks, medical journals, that sort of thing. Yes, I enjoyed it. Yes, I am weird.
5. A cook. I love cooking, and eating. Mostly eating. But cooking too. You can see my hair gets kind of flat when I'm cooking. I also tend to get kind of fat when I'm cooking, because I tend to kind of eat it all. I *love* eating. Did I mention that? Mostly Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and occasionally even American food. We set a pretty multicultural dinner table at our house, for a bunch of suburban white folks.
So that's me, basically. I'm sure there's more, but drawing is really hard, and I really need to go cook some pork carnitas and crack open a beer right now. Back soon!

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