Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simulated Urine and Head Lice

Today was our first official lab day of nursing school. We all dutifully laced up our tennis shoes and slipped on our crisp new lab coats and trooped into the fake hospital ward next door to our classroom. Yay! Let's review what we learned today:

1. Changing diapers! On grown adults! Not nearly as fun as changing diapers on a tiny, cooing baby.

2. How to wash your hands: "Sing the happy birthday song to yourself twice to make sure you wash long enough." And ruin every birthday for the rest of my life? No thanks. I'll sing the alphabet song.

3. It was only two hours, but my feet were killing me by the end. How am I going to survive a 12-hour shift?

4. Astonishingly, I was not the person who knocked over an entire bottle of simulated urine and splashed it all over the floor. Given my insane level of clumsiness, this is amazing.

5. I got head lice a few months ago from the hospital beds we used for one of our prerequisite classes. It was revolting. I will not be lying in these beds, I hope. Not without a disposable pillowcase, anyway. Thank God the mannequins don't have hair.

6. Did I mention my feet hurt after two hours? And I was starving? Because we have a three-hour lab tomorrow. Off to soak them in the tub.


  1. Crocs makes a shoe with a full toe cover and splash guard. I used them in my Phys/Anat classes and on my shifts at the ME office/morgue.
    Turns 11 hours on your feet into something bearable.

    And study hard!

  2. You work in an ME's office? That is awesome. I am a little scared of 12-hour shifts. Luckily, we start with 8-hour clinicals, so I can ease into it.

  3. tsktsk, hospital beds can be really dirty at times even though staffs clean the rooms and change sheets and disinfect them, head lice still manages to survive.. ugggghh, that's a pain in the ass.