Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuff to Do with a Frozen Chicken

I want to eat all of these chickens. Yum. Chicken.
You know those rotisserie chickens you can buy at the grocery store deli section for like six bucks? They're all brown and glossy and delicious, and you can just grab one on the way home from work, boil some water for instant mashed potatoes, and voila, dinner! Love them.

But did you know that you can totally use them for about a million other things? Don't throw them away! When you're finished, pull off all the leftover meat and chop it up into bite-size pieces. Skin too! It's got tons of flavor. Pile all the meat into a Tupperware and chuck it into your freezer. Then, you can make all this stuff, with no need to even defrost:

1. Chicken pot pie: Throw frozen chicken and whatever chopped veggies you want in a pan with some milk. Boil until veggies are soft. Throw in a casserole dish, top with biscuits made of Bisquick, and bake ten minutes. Chicken pot pie! Super easy!

2. Chicken fried rice: Use cold cooked rice, toss in one of those fried rice flavor envelopes, and throw in onions, broccoli, carrots, and your chicken. Fry the heck out of it. So yum.

3. Soup! Throw the chicken in any kind of soup or broth. It heats up in like two minutes because it's pre-cooked and in small pieces.

4. Chicken salad sandwiches. Mustard. Mayo. Toasty bread. Deliciousness.

5. Salad: Defrost and use on any salads you want to add some protein to. The rotisserie flavor is awesome.

6. Chicken broth: Keep the carcass! It makes great broth. Just remember--simmer, don't boil! Boiling makes it taste burned for some reason. No idea why, but it does. SIMMER. Trust me.

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