Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Message to Men Everywhere

I hate to just reblog other people's writing, but this is too good--and important--to skip:
If we *are* so concerned though about young men getting drunk at a party, sleeping with another drunk woman, and later being falsely accused of rape (through misunderstanding, I suppose), then why do we direct all of our “advice” only at women? Why not recommend young men take the same advice that we give young women? Don’t get drunk, don’t go to parties/clubs, don’t engage in any sexual behavior at parties, and whatever you do, don’t go home with a girl or invite her to your room.

You want to avoid being accused of rape? Avoid the behaviors that will get you accused. Of course, that’s not what we say, because our society actively encourages young men to engage in these sorts of behaviors. It’s macho or whatever. Women get the majority of the lectures, and bear the brunt of responsibility in these situations, because we expect girls to behave themselves and keep an aspirin between their knees until they’re married.

If this situation really is accidental, there is no logical reason to blame ONLY the female victim or to give condescending, misogynistic advice only to women. Let’s start asking men to act with a little more self-respect, to stop acting like drunk sluts, and to bear some responsibility for their actions. As it stands, we expect the woman to do that every single time, and let men off the hook.
From:, which states that it is originally from The Daily Get Up, but I couldn't find it there.

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