Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow needs to be boring

I'm supposed to be on vacation. Last month, I finished a grueling, high-intensity pair of anatomy and physiology classes that are prerequisites for nursing school. I crammed 16-week classes into five weeks and got As in both of them. Now I'm on a break, until school starts for real on Monday.

Except that yesterday, my 2-year-old daughter got sent home from preschool with a 102-degree fever, my 4-year-old-daughter had to go to the doctor for a totally gross cough that presages pneumonia, my dishwasher started pouring water onto the floor, and this morning, my air conditioner stopped making cold air.

Seriously? Seriously. Did I mention I'm single-mom-ing it for a few days while my husband's off on a business trip? And that I'm supposed to be on vacation? Do you hear me, God? VACATION!

Argh. Freaking hell.

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