Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update: Strep Throat

So, my temperature peaked at about 101.3 degrees last night, and then I slept for eleven hours. I woke up feeling much better--fever was gone, but I had a very bad sore throat. I figured, hey, it's just a sore throat. And then I used my handy-dandy nursing school penlight (for checking pupil sizes on drugged-out ER arrivals) to look in my mouth, and what did I find? Big-assed white patches on my tonsils. Bloody hell. Strep throat. For the second time in two months. The day before nursing school starts.

Coincidentally, I have an introductory appointment with a new doctor on Thursday, so if I can just hold out until then, I can have him get me some antibiotics. But it really freaking hurts. I'm so tempted to drink my daughter's amoxicillin that she is taking for bronchitis. But that would be wrong. :sigh

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