Saturday, August 28, 2010

Racism? No way! Not Us! Sexism? Hell to the Yeah!

This Wonkette post has a very funny list of quotes from people's Facebook statuses using the misspelled word "mosk," regarding the community center in New York. You can read them yourself and be baffled by people's hatred and virulent stupidity.

I'm writing, however, about the commenters on the post. They seem to be fully aware of the racism in the post and are using it as an excellent springboard from which to criticize that racism. They also seem totally happy to do so while spewing completely uncensored, hateful sexism. For instance, in response to "Wow, watching NCIS. Do we really want the mosk in the city?" with a photo of a fairly large woman, Wonkette's commenters include the following lovely gems:
That last woman looks like she needs to stop watching NCIS and get her tub-o-lard ass outside to exercise, the fat is making it impossible for her to smile while she spews her hatred.

Wow watching NCIS and showing off my grotesquely fat and wrinkly rack.
And a woman whose photo shows her holding a little girl, we get:
"Nice example to set for your tardling, Debra. Unless Debra is the pictured tardling, in which case she’s setting a terrible example for her momma-sister."
Nice. Racism? Not here! We hate those racist assholes! Sexism? Oh, heck yeah! We hate women, too! 

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